Spiritual Baths & Cleansings

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Preparing the Bath at Ceremony at the Beach for Erusile Dantour and Papa Agwe

Gro Mambo and her Humofor, Le Peristyle Haitian Sanctuary, offer spiritual baths and cleansings to give the congregation and the public a chance to heal all aspects of life and enhance one's physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health. Baths are available to help individuals with health, luck, faith, power, wealth, money, business, direction, protection from negative forces, and general well-being.

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Erusile Freeda & Papa Dumbala Bath

The Erusile Freeda and Papa Dumbala Bath is a spiritual cleansing specially designed to help an individual gain blessings of peace, luck, health, happiness, love, upliftment, fortune, and power.

Erusile Freeda, the spiritual force of pure love, offers the blessing of a sweetened path, and a smoothing out of life’s problems and obstacles. Papa Dumbala, the spiritual force of peace and health, offers the power of wisdom, foresight, and clairvoyance that healers, diviners, and psychics seek.

Erusile Freeda and Papa Dumbala offer their blessings of mind, body, and spirit to all who seek them through this special ritual.

Erusile Dantour giving the bathErusile Dantour & Papa Agwe Bath at the Ocean

Every year Gro Mambo offers this bath at the ocean. Either Papa Agwe, the Loa who gives us direction, or Erusile Dantour, the Loa who governs the ocean, will usually give the bath. During the service and baths these two Loas are invoked after first paying respect to Papa Legba and Papa Ogu. Their powers are invoked to bring gifts of spiritual upliftment, health, financial blessings, and direction in all aspects of life.

Erusile Dantour giving the bathErusile Dantour giving the bathPapa Agwe bathing the peoplePapa Agwe bathing the people

Ghede Bath

In the Voodoo religion, spirits and ancestors are never dealt with directly; instead, whenever dealing with the realm of spirits is necessary, it is done through the Ghede system and the Loa Baron. This bath is one of cleansing and protection, as well as for blessings of luck, chance, and spiritual upliftment.

Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol has invoked God’s divine forces for Baron Criminel and the Ghede, bringing spiritual healings for the mind, body, spirit and financial blessings. Based on one’s own personal faith in the spirit, many people have been the recipients of  the spiritual healings. 

Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol will bring you the spiritual power of Baron Criminel as she bathes you in the spiritual herbs from Haiti which she has been gathering for more than 40 years. These herbs are not found in America and since the earthquake in Haiti the herbs are more valuable and sacred. Don’t miss this opportunity to be bathed in the Healing Powers of Baron Criminel.

Baron Criminel’s bath brings help with healings of various sicknesses such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, dysfunctional family situations and more. This healing bath also is especially geared toward solving problems that one may have in the spiritual realm, including keeping negative spirits at bay, preventing problems with spirits, and avoiding interruptions of the quality of life due to spirits. Ghede Season is a time to bring correction to all spiritual problems and to bring elevation in spiritual activities, leaving the individual free from agitation of spirits. This annual bath with Baron keeps everything with one’s life intact until Ghede Season the following year.

During your bath pray, concentrate, and focus on whatever it is you need healing for and  where you want to go.  Do you need peace of mind, healings of mind, body and spirit, a better paying job, a better place to live, improvement in your relationships and money? Pray - ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find.

Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol welcomes all to celebrate life in our ceremony at LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary.  If you are a priest or priestess with godchildren and would like to bathe your godchildren with the spiritual herbs of your Sanctuary or Ile during our ceremony bath, give us a call.


Mejestic Bath

The Mejestic Bath is the ultimate spiritual bath that elevates an individual within the power of the guardian angel that individual is born with. The Mejestic time is from December 24 until December 29.

The Mejestic bath cleans the individual deep within the spirit, adding protection from the seven African powers to work with and guide the individual throughout the coming year. In addition to the seven African powers, prayers are also offered to Papa Legba, Marrassa, and others to go before the individual in the new year, allowing him or her to call upon them for any problems which arise in the new year.

The Forces knows what we all need in the year to come. The divination for the New Year which is given during the month of December will also help better the life of the individual.

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