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Erusile Dantour & Papa Agwe's Bath at the Ocean - August 19, 2017

Erusile Dantour giving the bathEvery year Gro Mambo offers this bath at the ocean. Either Papa Agwe, the Loa who gives us direction, or Erusile Dantour, the Loa who governs the ocean, will usually give the bath. During the service and baths these two Loas are invoked after first paying respect to Papa Legba and Papa Ogu. Their powers are invoked to bring gifts of spiritual upliftment, health, financial blessings, and direction in all aspects of life.

This is the 23rd year that Gro Mambo will have given the bath at the ocean.


Papa Ogu's Ceremony - June 2017

    Papa Legba Ceremony
    Ceremony of the Yam
    Ceremony of the Offering
    Ceremony of the Dance

It is important to renew your power in Ogu, the Petro Father of All. When you have an emergency for your health, general, or social well-being, the power of Papa Ogu and the Petro forces can make things move swiftly for you. The saying is "The Petro force of Papa Ogun can pop things for you in one day, one week, or one month - no more than three." This can be most beneficial when needing settlement of a case or waiting for important news. Furthermore, Papa Ogu and the Petro forces are masters of protection and at keeping one out of harm's way.

Negative vibrations tend to avoid the person who has the protection of Papa Ogu and the Petro. Luck and money tend to gravitate towards the person who has Papa Ogu and the Petro around them. Sexual prowess and endurance are stimulated and general body strength becomes naturally increased. People who have Papa Ogu and the Petro forces with them boast energy in the morning to get up vigorous and alert. Spiritually, there are no blocks in the path of the person with Papa Ogu and the Petro and they can move to closure on business ventures more easily.

One note of caution for anyone seeking the power of Papa Ogu and the Petro Loa forces: come with a prepared hand when seeking success in business. Papa Ogu and the Petro Loa can get you to the threshold of success, but you must be ready to succeed.

Ceremony for the opening of the spiritual roads

Every person has 4 roads of life. The opening ceremony for Papa Ogu is to invoke the blessings for the roads of life. Showers of good health, wealth, strength and faith in ones self.

Ceremony for the power of the head.

The power of the head must be in order to bring proper choices for ones life.

Offering Ceremony

The ceremony of thanks giving for the powers of faith, strength and the power of cutting the way of ones evils and the evils or others

Papa Ogu ceremony

The Day of Loa Visitation and Festivities


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