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Life is a football field, and you must always run for the touchdown. Don't run by yourself. The football players run their game with their teammates. They know that they are not playing the game alone. Well, life is not a game, but it is important to know that you can have someone in your corner to coach you through your problems. Much of the time people may give you advice on how to solve a problem but whatever advice or method they give you will be what is inside them. Gro Mambo's intensive studies of what force is ruling an individual's mental stability will allow her to coach that person through any situation. She will show an individual how to get done what they want to do without them going outside of what they are capable of managing. Gro Mambo will utilize the forces of rain, fresh water streams, the ocean, and the forest as avenues to bring peace to your mind. It is peace that is needed to bring sight and vision for a belief in one's self, ending up with a field goal of accomplishments. Using the forces as stimulants one can find a new strength and confidence. New confidence will bring motivation as a running motor that never runs out of gas. Call Gro Mambo and let her begin to coach you through the rain, snow, sleet, and any storm of life. You can have a golden touchdown. All you have to do is to call your Life's Coach, Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol, and she will show you the power of "I LOVE MY LIFE!"


Gro Mambo Angela is a High Priestess, master teacher, life coach, motivator and has been reading for more than 20 years and is a master at Divining to see into the future, the present and the past. There are two ways that individuals can receive his or her reading from Gro Mambo Angela.

1. Gro Mambo can invoke the force for you and pass the information to you from that force. This skill allows her to provide the reading to you and give a more clear understanding about the information that she receives for you while she continue to be the vehicle that the information flows between you and the force.

2. Gro Mambo is a master at spiritual possession and can provide your reading or in a spiritual possession with the force. Gro Mambo in a spiritual possession will not have any knowledge of what is being passed to individuals during the spiritual possession. There will be an interpreter present to document what the spiritual force is saying and the interpreter will give a clear understanding for the individual. Once the spiritual force finish delivery the reading the person may ask questions and receive answers. Much of the time the questions are answered before the person can ask the question.

In either option that a person chooses to have their reading, Gro Mambo or the spiritual force in a spiritual possession will give valuable information that many psychics do not give such as: Your guardian force that you were born with, guardian forces that you obtained throughout your life, dividing the reading into 3 parts which Gro Mambo or the spiritual possession explains what is at the bottom of your life, the middle of your life and the top of your live. The reading will identify problems from the past, allowing the force to give a prescription to prevent problems in the future that may come from the past.

Prescriptions are received through the divination to give directions for an individual to elevate in their future. The power of the divination gives knowledge to an individual, which allows them to have strength at times of confusion and trouble times in their life.

Divination, also known as spiritual reading, provides directions that enable you to attain the optimum love, health, finance and cycles of elevation that God intended for you.

Readings examine your past, present and future; they encompass your spiritual, mental and physical state. The reading serves both as a diagnosis of your life situation, and will provide a prescription for a positive solution.

Gro Mambo uses information from the force to help with many issues in society such as: Marriage counseling, depression, drug and alcohol, family counseling, fertility counseling, sexual abuse counseling, career counseling, motivation.

Gro Mambo not only specializes in divination but is also a master teacher of divination to other priests and priestesses and has developed a reputation as one of the most highly regarded priestesses in the world as a result.

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