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Available February 1, 2019:

Life and Living 2019
A Seven Year Blueprint for Living Vol. II

The New Year is a shared year with Papa Ogu and Erusile Dantour.  It is a year where the spiritual 4 roads of life will bring great impact on the lives of the people. The Four (4) Roads of Life, with the spiritual forces and all that they hold for self-preservation and elevations of life, will be accessible, allowing each and everyone to live the highest standard of living in 2019.  It is important to understand that all 4 Roads of Life are open. Individuals can live and move freely throughout their lives. However, only 2 of the roads are wide open and clear to move around in life. The other 2 roads lie dormant and are not accessible for movement. In the year 2019, individuals will start out with the 2 open roads. The foundation of life in the new year will be those conditions where truth in an individual’s life lies. This is the beginning that everyone will have in the New Year 2019.

  • During the year 2019, Papa Ogu will be the interpreter for the spiritual forces Erusile Freeda, Papa Dambala and Papa Agwe.  At the beginning of the year, 2 of the Roads of Life that have a presence in the new year will not be active or awakened. These roads are dormant or asleep.  The access that an individual may eventually have to these dormant roads will be determined according to how strongly that individual begins the year.  These roads are dormant for the protection of individuals as they prepare for the Petro months. Papa Ogu is saying that any individual can become powerful in his life and in society, according to how they move in truth.

According to the message that the Loa Baron Criminel gave in a spiritual possession in November 2015, the worldly power and energy has moved 2 (two) of the Roads of Life to a state of dormancy.

On January 1, 2015, the spiritual force Baron possessed and said, “In the year 2015, you have war of the head (war of the minds).  Everywhere. It's going to be a war of the minds. It's going to be political, spiritual. It's going to be social, in families, in relationships. You have politics versus religion, understand.  You will have separation in the people.  People will be at war with each other.  Within themselves they will have a war of their own minds. People will get caught up into the war of the words, getting caught up into the social bulletin boards on the internet.  You have a lot of people seeking better. However, they will not accept everything that will make it better.”
“There are people that will have people try to kill everything that the current President stands for, all his work.  If the people become successful and kill what’s there, you will have four years of going down in your land. All things of war of the heads and minds in politics will be ugly!  Then there are those who won't immediately go to war.  They will go all the way into the middle of the year in June or July and then they will explode, boom… mentally!  People who find themselves in a war with words will be caught out there in that cycle of war of the words.  Debating, arguing, and talking! You're going to see!  The direction that the people take this year coming is very important because the battle amongst the people in this year coming is in this land”.
“In this year 2015, understand, you will see the highest in family abuse.  And understand.  I'm not just speaking about an abuse of a mother to a child or from a father to a child. You shall see abuse from a child to the mother.  That's what I'm talking about, the child to the mother.”
Papa Ogu also made a warning for the year 2015 and said, “This year family abuse, spousal abuse, murder, is going to be shocking this year.
” Baron and Papa Ogu said, “There will be many car accidents causing bodily harm. You will see an increase in car accidents during the month of December.”  
Life and Living 2016 - A Seven Year Blueprint for Living, Gro Mambo Angéla Noványón Idizol, page 27

The year 2019 holds a negative power of lies and deceit.  Many people will be unveiled and exposed for who they really are and what they represent.  This power will be seen among family and friends.  The dominion of Papa Ogu which holds justice will display manipulations in laws of the spiritual houses and places of worship.  The year holds a power where many will see the truth in the spiritual houses, place of worship and laws of the land but their pride will not allow them to change their path for the sake of truth.  

The year 2019 will bring invisible exploding bombs from Papa Ogu’s cannon to the spiritual houses that manipulate the people into believing that they are receiving the real truth and the real spirit.  Such explosions will cause the people to lose faith.  The leaders and heads of houses will began to walk on an unbalanced ground with cracks, exposing them for what they really are as they will be seen walking on thin lines between truth and lies.  

Cracks in the ground will been seen in November 2019.  In this month everyone should pay close attention.  In November 2019 the Spiritual Force will begin to bring questions to those who are spiritual leaders in all spiritual houses, churches, charities and the politicians who are supposed to help and serve the people. Many Priests, Priestesses, Pastors, Reverends, Fathers, Queen Mothers, Mothers Superior and any other leaders of the people have not been as high in the spirit as they pretend to be.

The church is the home that individuals look to as they seek guidance in the spirit from their spiritual leaders.  Many churches have forgotten about the spiritual and have become more about the business of making money.  As churches grows in every land many of them have lost the strength that emanates from true faith in God and His godly ways.  The search by such leaders for ways to take from those in their lands deepens the veins of the people until they become barren. The leaders of the church should make the people aware of the finances of the church or spiritual house but, at the same time, they should not abuse the money that comes into the spiritual house.

The power of war exists in this year 2019 and from that existence comes controversial speeches and a lack of trust.  While one spiritual house may not bring the necessities of life to the members of the house, it is not necessary for other spiritual houses or churches to follow.  Instead, the people should speak from the spirit with the head of the spiritual house or church.

The people must see a return to life in the spirit to keep their hopes up.  They must be able to know that their spiritual house or church is a place where they can get help for themselves and families.  In this year 2019 there will be great deceit in the church and spiritual houses surrounding the truth about what an individual needs to elevate his energies for improvement in his life. The Spiritual Force is asking the people to give true help, not help that slowly pours downward from a tight hand, for this is not true help.  It is only help being used to tease.

The Spiritual Force is calling for spiritual leaders to have compassion and care for the people that they serve.  The leaders of the spirit have lost great compassion and do not see the people as spiritual beings. These leaders should become aware of this failure in this year 2019 and address the problems of why the leaders have lost compassion for the people. The Spiritual Force asks the leaders to give the people gold. Gold sometimes is the measurements of wealth.  Yet to give the people gold is giving them compassion, love, care and true spiritual guidance.  Many times the church or the Spiritual House becomes tainted by the way that they receive the gold.  The year 2019 is a time for the spiritual body – church, spiritual house etc. – to repent to the Supreme Being by truly giving back to the people.  

Gold is more than money that has been gouged from the land.  The Spirit is gold. Honesty is gold. Healing hands are gold.  The spiritual houses of all walks of life are adopting the ways of society to tell the people that they do not have to seek the true spirit of the Divine Forces – Holy Ghost, Loa, Orisa.  Instead, the spiritual leaders has taken the gold of a Holy Ghost-filled individual from the people and replaced this gold with a mere Holy Ghost dance which is not the gold of the land.  The spiritual leaders have taken the gold of the spiritual possession and are leading the people to adopt an intuitive approach to determine what an individual is feeling and what they believe the spirit is saying to them.  Spiritual houses are taking ancient implements of African-based religions and replacing them with pictures and coffee cups for initiations (Baptismal).  The church has replaced the secret of living, flowing waters in their natural environment for Baptismal in a swimming pool inside the church building.  These are ancient golds of the land and they should be given back to the people. How can the spiritual houses rid the people of what is  ailing them in the spiritual house if the societal way is to give the people a subculture?

2019 is the year for all to seek and find the true spirit and not an “acceptable spirit.” Spiritual leaders are asked to guide the people back to the spirit of the lands and from the lands.  The warring energies of the year will bring conflicts among the spiritual houses: palais in Trinidad migrating to America, ile in Cuba, Africa and other countries abroad that migrated to America where their faiths were replaced with Christianity.  Leaders may see the flow of what has been taken from the people given back and may decide to disturb its distribution of gold passing to the people. The Spiritual Force will give these people three chances to change the ways that they are leading the people and to stop raising their hands to stop the flow of the gold back to the people.  It is a chance to change how they see the spirit in people and see that they are desperate, starving and worthy of the gold.  

People who choose to stop the flow of correction will experience great deprecations.  Cesspools will be brewing as they fail three times to change their ways. Then they will eventually find themselves engulfed in the cesspools of water that will cause them a physical or spiritual death.  These physical deaths will be the death of the enjoyment of their lives; i.e. their money, property, family stability and their accomplishments that are so dear to them. These enjoyments and accomplishments are the gold that will be taken away from them.      

Scandals expose the church, spiritual houses, places of worship, laws and leaders of the lands, exposing to all the gold that was taken from the people.

The Spiritual Force Papa Ogu says, “You have to have a plan and you have to have a goal, to be able to reach that plan and that goal. If you have a plan and a goal, you’re living your life and you’re in the path of elevation…  then God will bless you with your heart’s desires.”

Available February 1, 2019
Life and Living 2019: A Seven Year Blueprint for Living Vol. II


Introducing Gro Mambo

I am Joyce, who became Abena Aborogwa, who became Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol, widely known as Gro Mambo. I often ask myself, how in the world did I get myself into Voodoo? I live a life of constant interruptions, as I am constantly possessing with the Loa. Because of my religion much of my family and friends have turned against me. I never knew that when I became a Voodoo priestess that my life would change so drastically. I lost my friends of many years. I lost members of my family that I thought would never turn their backs on me. Hell. I even lost all of my enemies. I submitted to the path that God wanted me to walk but this path of Voodoo sometimes is a lonely path. All I ever wanted in my life was to be just like everyone else with love, affection, honor, and integrity, and to be surrounded by people who would love me for what I am and not what they can get from me. As the years now come and go, I find myself with new friends, new loves and a newness in family. I have many gifts and offer them to anyone who is looking for elevations in life. My home is my sanctuary and the Loa is deep in the grounds of my Humofor. Many news media have declared LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary the World's Voodoo Sanctuary. I never knew that my walk as a Gro Mambo (High Priestess of Haitian Voodoo) would have me appearing in National Geographic, A & E Channel, Unsolved Mysteries, Discovery, Philly-Live 35, 102 JAMZ, WRTI WDAS, Mona Magic, The Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, Miami Herald, New Orleans Times Picayune, New York Times, El Nuevo, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, El Sol, Haiti En Marche, Philadelphia Metro, Philadelphia weekly and more.  

There are many works that are offered at my Humofor. You can find help with counseling, family counseling, drugs and alcohol rehabilitation, marriage counseling, weddings, foot washing ceremonies, alternative commitment ceremonies, love, luck, chance, removal of unnatural vibrations and agitations, removal of evil, pregnancy, spiritual baths, spiritual divinations, divination for business decisions, job and career advice, and more. 

Come visit me and through the doors of LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary you can find help in prosperity, health, and wealth. If it can be read then there is a prescription for help.  

The above is a sneak preview to the forthcoming book by Gro Mambo, Voodoo in America.

Libation Pour
It’s time for Spiritual Intervention


Say your libation, scream your libation but mean it from your heart! America is divided and becoming more divided by personal favors, greed, racism and hatred. AMERICA IS LOSING ITS BEAUTY! Call on God, the ancestors and the spiritual forces to REALLY MAKE AMERICA GREAT, BEAUTIFUL AND EQUAL FOR ALL PEOPLE!

Call the power to restart America in jobs, housing, true businesses and corporations, family, health care, relationships, uniting mothers and fathers with their children, providing equal opportunities, and installing truth in the political leadership, cutting away their fears so that they can combat the lies that make America less beautiful and not to be swallowed in the sea of lies!

I am Gro Mambo Angela Novanyon Idizol, a High Priestess in Voodoo, and I am calling for a worldwide pour of libation every hour on the hour every day from November 1st until the day of the midterm election on November 6th, pick your Libation Pour Hour and pour alone, with family, friends, associates and strangers. In this unity libation, say it! Pour from whatever is in your hand, including water, soda, iced tea, milkshake, tea, coffee, honey, juice, smoothie, rum, beer, alcohol, any beverage and anything else you can think of. Call God the Father, your ancestors, your Orisha, your Loa/Lwa, your deities, your saints, your guardian angels. Call the power of truth!

I am not a political person. I am neither Democratic nor Republican. I believe in a higher force. However, it seems that the process that guides Democrats and Republicans is not working and, as a result, the people of this land and other affected lands are suffering. All these politicians are speaking truths, untruths, seeing and not seeing and I say it is now time for spiritual intervention.

It is my understanding that many churches, including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Baptist, Methodist and many others, are in support of the leaders of this country who are causing harm to the people. Why is there so much lying and spinning in the political realm? All these politicians claim to be religious, but many of them put their faith and loyalty more in man and money than they put in their spirituality. Where is the spirituality in that for them or the people that that they are supposed to serve?

I received the guidance to pour libation from the Loa, a power higher than any man. America is losing her beauty by allowing sexual harassment and racism to move to an all-time high, children to be murdered while seeking education and the sweet milk of this country to be denied because of the color of one’s skin. I believe that if we come together with one libation our petition to God, Christ, Loas, Orisha, Holy Spirits, guardian angels and the ancestors will be heard.

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Divine Manifestation!

On Tuesday, April 5, 2016, at LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, there came a need for Papa Ogu, the divine force of faith, strength, and fire above the earth of the Haitian Voodoo religion. Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol invoked Papa Ogu through an iron pot set ablaze. Papa Ogu manifested by taking the shape of a man within the flame, riding upon a horse rearing on its hind legs in his DIVINE ELEMENT:


This picture was taken at the time that Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol invoked Papa Ogu on this day and at this time.

Picture copyright © 2016 Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol










Gro Mambo's The African Way available on Kindle!

The African Way: A Guide to African Culture/Religion is the third book by the high priestess of the Voodoo religion of Haiti, author of Divine Messages of the Loa Volumes I & II. In it, she brings forth information leading all American people, regardless of race, color, or creed, to African based religions the proper way.

The African Way, now available for Kindle on Amazon.com! Click here to view and purchase!

Gro Mambo celebrates more than 40 years of priesthood and 40 years as a High Priestess!

Psychic Motivation!Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol, the founder of Le Peristyle Haitian Sanctuary, as well as the National African Religion Congress (NARC World International) went to Haiti in 1977 to study the Voodoo Religion. She went into Haiti with an introductory letter to an established priestess of the native religion. After some difficulties, Mambo Angela was able to establish a relationship with a priestess from whom she began to learn about Haitian Voodoo. She finally formed a relationship with Papa Hilaire Michel Novanyon Idizol, a high priest (Gro Hungan) and founder of Le Peristyle Sanctuary, in Haiti. Following years of study, she was initiated as a priestess (Mambo). Her mission was to bring back to the United States every component of the true African religion as it evolved from former slaves of the Congo, Dahomey, Togo and native Indians of the island of Haiti. During the 10 years of work, Mambo Angélá Noványón continued to study and advance in the religion. In 1984, her name was changed to Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón Idizol, when she achieved the sattus of high priestess.


Gro Mambo Speaks..."It takes a small mind and a lack of spiritual education to think that your religion is the purest, most powerful and the only religion recognized by God."

SeminarsGro Mambo also is a well-known motivational speaker. Find out more about where she's held forums and where she will be in the future!

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