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For years, Gro Mambo has specialized in both the power of divination and the power of speech. Combining the two gives her the facility to call upon her ability as a psychic to speak to an individual, family, or group of people to give divine guidance and spiritual upliftment while giving the people a prescription for success, wealth, and prosperity.

Gro Mambo is now making herself available to public venues, providing her services as a psychic motivational speaker to the public at large at conventions, banquets, lounges and floor shows, and other special events.

What do you want out of life? Do you want to elevate financially, physically, spiritually, and mentally? Gro Mambo's spiritual motivation experience will take you to new heights and show you how to get what you want out of life. Come let Gro Mambo take you on a journey for elevation in life. Gro Mambo is a world-renowned psychic who has the power to see into your future and to provide you with a blueprint for success. Learn the meaning of the motto: "I Love My Life!" Learn how to turn your life on full power and reap the reward you need.


The program moves on to encompass your individual reading which provides a personal blueprint for your individual success. The beauty of the psychic experience is that it not only informs and enlightens, it also entertains. The performance is the perfect attraction for a lounge that seeks to attract a new audience or a banquet hall that wants to broaden the spectrum of the events held at the venue. The experience is bound to attract anyone looking for elevation, information, or a new outlook on life. Psychics are currently sought everywhere from casinos to nightclubs for their readings and divination. What sets Gro Mambo apart from other psychics is the quality of the experience she brings to the people.

Want Gro Mambo at Your Event?

Are you holding a convention or conference? Gro Mambo's psychic experience will entertain, inform, enlighten, and uplift your group or organization to a new level of accomplishment. Gro Mambo's program for self-empowerment begins with the introduction to the drums, songs and dances of ancient Africa, which sets a foundation for self-realization and enlightenment. Gro Mambo offers the keys to control of the world around you by introducing the "forces of nature" which govern all aspects of human endeavor. She teaches everyone how to access the power of rain, wind, earth, fire, river, ocean, and fate. Once you learn to establish harmony with these natural forces you will begin to achieve success in all areas of human endeavor.

If you are interested in booking Gro Mambo for your event, or simply want more information, send for your free copy of Gro Mambo's Psychic Motiviation promotional DVD! Send only $5.00 for shipping and handling to the address below:

Psychic Motivation
5629 North Warnock Street
Philadelphia, PA 19141

Past, Present, & Future

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