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Offering for Papa Loco

Ceremony for Papa Loco

Ceremony for Papa Dumbala

Spiritual Baths for Erusile Freeda and Papa Dumbala
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Palm Sunday starts Holy Week and the Humofor closes up everything. There are no ceremonies during this week. The Humofor will be closed between midnight Palm Sunday and the morning of Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday Feast
Easter marks the beginning of the new year. Each year we celebrate by breaking our weeklong Holy Week fast with a special communion and a huge feast prepared for all who attend. The Humofor is reopened and the shrines are awakened during this ceremony.

National African Religion Congress Conference
Philadelphia, PA

Since 1999, the National African Religion Congress has protected the rights of priests and practitioners of African-based religion in the United States and abroad, and has represented its membership as an independent certifying body for clergy of those religions. NARC has established equality and protection of First Amendment rights, defended the integrity of the religions in federal courts, and moved the civil courts to apply the Deference Rule to African-based religions. This groundbreaking decision confirms that practitioners of African-based religions may make their own organizational decisions on conflicts involving spiritual issues in United States civil courts.

The National African Religion Congress holds Conferences that are open forums where practitioners of all African-based religions and the public at large come together to share the religions, everyday experiences that affect their practice, and ways to ensure the survival and better understanding of these religions. Each Conference features the “Bridging the Gap” Seminar. Here priests, law enforcement officials, community leaders, public officials, and the general public are invited to promote communication and increase understanding between practitioners of African-based religion and the communities where they reside. Through this seminar the interests of everyone involved are acknowledged, and the rights of our members are protected.

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Erusile Dantour Spiritual Bath at the Ocean
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Ceremony for Papa Ogu

Ceremony for the opening of the spiritual roads
Every person has 4 roads of life. The opening ceremony for Papa Ogu is to invoke the blessings for the roads of life. Showers of good health, wealth, strength and faith in ones self.

Ceremony for the power of the head.
The power of the head must be in order to bring proper choices for ones life.

Offering Ceremony
The ceremony of thanks giving for the powers of faith, strength and the power of cutting the way of ones evils and the evils or others

Papa Ogu ceremony
The Day of Loa Visitation and Festivities

Ghede Ceremony at Humofor

Ghede Bath and Ceremony

Ghede Ceremony

Ghede Ceremony

Christmas Lighting Party for the entire block

Mejestic Baths and Individual Divination for the New Year
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New Year's Party
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