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“I just want to tell you that me and my wife were trying to have children. We went to doctors and specialists and couldn’t find help anywhere. You told me to cleanse my spirit and collect rainwater to cleanse my body. Not only do we have 1 child, but we now have 2 children. Thank you.”

Bruce, New Jersey

Before I met Gro Mambo I was lost…literally! I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do & if I did know, I wasn’t sure how to do it. Mambo has guided me into a light that once seemed unreachable. I can look into the mirror and see a new person flowering – thanks to love, peace and a newfound faith. Thank you Gro Mambo for all you have done for my family and me.

Ivette, Connecticut

Under Gro Mambo’s direction, I have been healed of family pain that has been haunting me for years. I didn’t realize that I was walking in darkness. Thank you Gro Mambo for my newfound life!

Zetoile, Trinidad

When I met Gro Mambo for the first time I was having problems with my uterus. The doctors said there was an unidentified mass and they wanted to do exploratory surgery. I received spiritual work for my uterus from Gro Mambo Angela and when I returned to the doctor they couldn't find anything when they did another ultrasound. They even checked the original one, which was done on the same machine! They couldn't believe it! I am so thankful to Gro Mambo for giving me a clean bill of health!

Saskia Dowell, Italy

Hello my name is Rahim Thompson and I'm a 34-year-old male who has been an initiate and active participant of Voodoo for over 20 years. Under Gro Mambo’s guidance I am now running a nationally recognized basketball league and am a respected man and role model to inner city youth. My dreams once seemed unattainable but through Gro Mambo’s divination she was able to guide my family and me from the struggles of homelessness, put me on the right track and heal my mother from cancer. Gro Mambo is a true gift from God.

Rahim Thompson, New York

It sounds dramatic, but it is the truth. Gro Mambo saved my life. An insect that shall remain unnamed stung me, and as it turned out, I am allergic to this particular sting. Fortunately, Gro Mambo was close by. By the time a car was ready to take me to the nearest hospital, she had quickly whipped up a bath and given it to me. I was experiencing classic allergic shock symptoms...shortness of breath, horrible welts and swelling all over my face and body, and of course a terrible fear. As soon as she gave me the bath I felt a peace come over me. I was bundled into the car and rushed to the hospital. By the time I arrived, I was so close to normal that the doctors decided not to give me an anti allergic shot-as I had apparently "spontaneously" had a miraculous recovery. Miraculous is a word often used, but it describes exactly what happened to me, and exactly what I have witnessed happen to many others as Gro Mambo is used time and again to do the healing work of God with her hands.

Akin B. Ware, Bahamas

My life has dramatically changed from the very moment of my coming in contact with Gro Mambo at a ceremony in October 1984.  Up until now, I have been cured of breast and uterine cancer, have ceased to be homeless, and now have a stable job. It is through Gro Mambo’s tireless possessions, counseling and life coaching for myself and my 2 children that my life has changed. Adversity has been reversed and spiritual prosperity has become the mainstay.

Octavia, New York

Testimonial #1:

On a Friday in 1992, I went to Temple Hospital, the department of gynecology for a routine medical exam. The doctor who examined me discovered a massive lump, approximately 1” in diameter located in my right breast, between the breast tissue and the rib cage. This doctor scheduled me to see a team of experts on that following Monday, preparing for surgery.

I didn’t mention this to anyone because of the extensive history of breast cancer in my family, affecting my mother, my sister, my paternal grandmother and others.

Over that weekend, Gro Hungan Papa Hilaire, Gro Mambo’s godfather, came to Philadelphia. This is the first time I had met Papa. He was here for the weekend, and was present at Sunday service at Gro Mambo’s Sanctuary in Philadelphia. During service, Papa Hilaire possessed Papa Ogu; Gro Mambo also possessed Papa Ogu. Papa Hilaire didn’t know me; nor did he speak English, and Gro Mambo had no knowledge of my problem.

Papa Ogu, possessed on both Papa Hilaire and Gro Mambo, proceeded to do work for me in service. After service, I still didn’t tell anyone the reason why I had the Loa’s attention.

On that Monday, I went back to Temple Hospital for the appointment with the specialist and his team, and they could not find the lump. It no longer existed. The doctor’s didn’t understand why such a massive lump was there on Friday, and gone on Monday. I told them about the work that was done for me at LePeristyle Haitian Sanctuary under Gro Mambo, and that I was the recipient of a miracle!
I left the doctor’s office and went directly to the Humofor to speak with Gro Mambo and tell her what happened. This event has been documented in my medical records located at the archives of Temple Hospital.

Testimonial #2:

Through the late 80’s and early 90’s I suffered from endometriosis, a chronic and debilitating growth in the uterine and abdominal areas. I had gone for numerous surgeries to relieve the pain. No matter how many times I went, the pain continued and grew. At times, it was difficult for me to stand without sharp knife-like pain. I was on hormonal drugs to shrink the masses, but these drugs brought on other problems. I was also told that I had cancer and would be dead within a year.

Papa Loco came down in possession on Gro Mambo one Sunday and did extensive work in my abdominal area. I went off all medication and experienced no more pain.

I had a calling to become a Mambo. In 1994, I was initiated as a priestess. I do not miss any of the baths that are offered through Gro Mambo, the cost is priceless compared to one’s health. Between the protection of my initiation and these baths, my health has been maintained and elevated. I may experience regular aches and pains, but in all the years that have passed since these healings, I have had no problem that is life threatening. I truly feel God’s attention in my life.

Roseanne, Philadelphia

Gro Mambo is a woman who is gifted with African spiritual understanding. My encounter with her opened my eyes to know that, Colonial master only have our resources but our ancestors are all over the world guarding their children. Remain blessed and remain great in Orisa.

Adewale, Osogbo, Nigeria

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