Gro Mambo's Wedding

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Wedding Announcement!!

October 8, 2009, Las Vegas December 5, 2009, Philadelphia



Gro Mambo's Wedding

Pictures from both Gro Mambo's destination wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada, and her home wedding in Philadelphia, Pennsylania are below.

Before the ceremony   On her way to the ceremony with the bridesmaids With the groomsmen
Before the ceremony "The Bride Is Coming!" Unity Candle
Footwashing Footwashing Exchanging vows
"I do." First kiss Wedding party
Mr. and Mrs. Novanyon Newlyweds! The whole family
Headed to reception Introducing.... Love everlasting
Bridesmaids Tasting of herbs Tasting of herbs
Footwashing Footwashing Footwashing
Exchanging vows The rings First kiss
Strike up the drums... First dance Marital bliss
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